We train your dog then teach you how to follow through!

Dogs who are boarded with us and will be trained multiple times a day, in various locations and situations. Call to get more details and book your Board & Train. Space is limited. Do not wait! Set the foundation for a lifetime of positive behavior.

Prior to any training, new K9s must be evaluated and have proof of current health vaccinations.

Two week Board & Train

Benchmarks: Proper sit, down, heel position, loose leash walking, basic recall, and the place command. Duration in the sit and down will be trained with reasonable distractions (a dog or person walking by.) Your dog will learn to walk loose on the leash for a quarter mile. The heel positions will be taught in conjunction with the basic recall. The recall will be taught on leash and with minimal distractions. Max recall length will be 50 feet without distractions and 25 feet with distractions. The send away to the place will be taught from 10 feet away.

Call to get more details and book your Board & Train!

What should you expect when your dog returns home?

After our Board & Train session is complete, the work isn't over. We will:

Teach you the commands we've used in order to help reinforce habits

Check on you after training is complete to see how the training has stuck

Schedule a follow-up lesson, if necessary

Recommend the appropriate training equipment like a 15-foot leash, place cot, short leash and training collar