Police K9 Training in Culpeper, VA

We provide law enforcement agencies with excellent working dogs, training and equipment, at the most reasonable price.

Single or Dual Purpose:




Search & Rescue

Virginia MIR Credit is given for each class

Virginia Police Canine Association

VPCA encourages and supports the professional development of all working dogs and their handlers within duly constituted law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Pro K9 law enforcement training academy is a full service, thoroughly equipped training facility that can house both the student/handler and K9. We are located 1.5 hours south of Washington D.C. in Culpeper, VA where we conduct both on and off site training. We acclimate the K9 Teams to a variety of actual street-type scenarios to include a "Mock Court" where we bring in assistant Commonwealth Attorneys to assist with our legal classes and our "Mock Court Trial."

Our seven week, 400+ hour training program covers classroom lecture on 29 different topics to include: canine selection, drives and behavior, reading the dog, principals of training, handling techniques, first aid, behavior modification and case law prior to field work.


The training staff at Professional Canine Services is made up of active law enforcement supervisors and K9 handlers with over 35 years of combined experience. We are licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Virginia Department of Health Professionals, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. We are certified instructors with the Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Virginia Police Canine Association as K9 instructors and evaluators. With our experience, training and background we can provide handler's with the most realistic, practical and comprehensive training.